Apply for Cross-Institutional Studies!

Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences are offering the degree students of both institutions opportunity to seek certain studies at the other institution. University students use also the Service for Cross-Institutional Studies if they are intend to apply for studies from the other campus(es) (Hervanta campus or City centre campus and Kauppi campus). Instructions for the Service for Cross-Institutional Studies also apply to the students of TAMK's School of Vocational Teacher Education.


  1. View the study offerings and plan your studies
    • Make sure that you can include the studies in your degree at your home institution
  2. Apply for cross-institutional studies
    • Log in, pick your desired studies and confirm your application
  3. Read the email instructions carefully
    • Follow the instructions provided
  4. Sign up for courses and follow up on your admittance
    • Sign up for studies according to the instructions
  5. Enjoy your studies!
  6. Your study attainments will be automatically entered in the study records of your home institution

This website allows you to examine the study offerings. They will always remain valid for one academic year at a time. By registering to the service, you can apply for studies throughout the academic year, provided that you have enrolled as a present degree student at your home institution. Apply for the studies well in advance to sign up for the courses and exams during the sign-up period. If you have been previously admitted as a cross-institutional student and you wish to apply for additional studies, log in and select your desired additional studies.

Read the instruction carefully through before submitting your application for cross-institutional studies. By following the instructions, you can ensure that the studies you select are appropriate for your degree and that you know how to operate at the target institution. Keep in mind that you must also sign up for the courses and modules according to the instructions.

Note! You do not need to apply for the right to study through this cross-institutional study service if your own degree/education entitles you to the concerned studies. See more detailed information in the campus-specific instructions. The Cross Institutional Studies service requires Finnish personal identification number. If you do not have the personal identification number, apply for the studies via the Cross campus studies service.

Institutional-specific instructions: Make sure to read both the instructions of your home university and the target institution!
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