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Master's Degree Programme in Business Competence


The Master’s Degree Programme in Business Competence will conform to the requirements knowledge, skills and competencies for the level 7 of European Qualification Framework, EQF(7).

The knowledge acquired will be highly specialised knowledge, and as described in the EQF(7) some of which is at the forefront of knowledge in the field of Business Competence and serves as the basis for original thinking and research. The programme will equip students with critical awareness of knowledge issues not only in the major field but also at the interface between different fields. The skills developed are required in innovation, business and research in order to develop new knowledge, processes and procedures and to integrate knowledge from different fields for creating viable solutions for the complex business environment.

In addition to knowledge and skills, the programme provides students with an opportunity to develop their individual competences for unpredictable, ever-changing and increasingly interconnected business environment. These competences, which are a major factor in innovation, productivity and competitiveness, are all interdependent, and the emphasis is on critical thinking, creativity, initiative, communication, working in teams, risk assessment and decision taking.

Students graduating with a degree in this programme will:

- Demonstrate a sound knowledge of respective and integrated attributes of Business Competence in theory and for practice
- Think critically to develop fresh insight and build knowledge
- Be able to participate in team working and lead the members of a team
- Possess strong analytical, problem-solving and project management skills
- Establish competence to continue studies for a Ph.D.


The mission of this Master's Degree Programme in Business Competence is to help raising a new generation of globally-oriented professionals who can boost business in new and existing firms by designing viable strategies, creating and delivering new value propositions, implementing innovative business models and by managing successful market expansions. Collaboration with small firms with internationalization intentions is an essential part of the programme.

The programme balances multidisciplinary theories with practical experiences and applied research in a multicultural setting. The four compulsory courses aim at developing and applying knowledge for strategy design and marketing, service business, business development and legal aspects of business competence. Optional studies provide flexibility and choice for the students to enhance their specialized knowledge for gaining a comprehensive perspective, for example, on organizational design, managing performance, leading change and expanding into new markets. The optional studies for personal development gives students an opportunity to improve their general skills and abilities necessary for getting, keeping, and doing well on a job.

Finally, the programme integration is realized via a Master Thesis project in which students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of theory and application at the Master level. The Master's Degree Programme in Business Competence also qualifies the graduates to continue their academic careers, e.g. on doctoral studies.

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Details of the study plan will be defined during spring 2014 and minor changes are possible.

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Master's Degree Programme in Business Competence

General Studies 6–11 ECTS
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