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Archived Curricula Guide 2012–2015
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Master's Degree Programme in Administrative Studies

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Master's Degree Programme in Administrative Studies

Specialization in Administrative Science
Advanced studies in Administrative Science 85 ECTS
HALHAS12 Service Science, 10 ECTS (2.spr)
HALHAS14 Developmental Expertise in Organisations, 10 ECTS (1.aut / 1.spr)
HALHAS15 Professional Management, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
HALHAS16 Practical Training, 5 ECTS (1.aut / 1.spr / 2.aut / 2.spr)
HALHAS99 Master's Thesis and Seminar, 40 ECTS (2.aut / 2.spr)
Specialisation in Public Law
Advanced Studies in Public Law 80 ECTS
80–110 ECTS
Advanced Studies on Legal Research in Public Law 20 ECTS
HALJUS21 Legal Research Methods, 5 ECTS (2.aut)
HALJUS22 Research Seminar of Public Law, 15 ECTS (2.aut / 2.spr)
HALJUS01 Practical Training, 5 ECTS
HALJUS99 Master's Thesis, 40 ECTS (2.spr)
School of Management