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Archived Curricula Guide 2012–2015
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Master's Programme in Theatre Arts

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Master's Programme in Theatre Arts

Intermediate Studies (Master's Programme) 60 ECTS
TEAA12 Actor´s Work: Special Courses, 20–30 ECTS
TEAA13 Practical Training, 15–30 ECTS
TEAA14 International Studies, 10–30 ECTS
Advanced Studies 60 ECTS
TEAS1 Teatterituotannot 30 op
TEAS1.1. Monodrama, 5–10 ECTS
TEAS1.2. Solo, 5–10 ECTS
TEAS1.3. Singing Actor, 5–10 ECTS
TEAS1.4. Physical Theatre, 5–10 ECTS
TEAS1.5. Big Stage, 10 ECTS
TEAS1.6. Production, 15 ECTS
TEAS2 Master´s Thesis, 30 ECTS
School of Communication, Media and Theatre