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Archived Curricula Guide 2012–2015
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Master's Programme in Visual Journalism

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Master's Programme in Visual Journalism

Advanced Studies in Visual Journalism 100 ECTS
JOVTS1 Research on Communication and Media, 10 ECTS (1.aut)
JOVTKS2A Newsphoto Workshop, 5 ECTS
JOVTKS2D Web Publishing and Videos, 10 ECTS
JOVTKS3 Reportage, 5 ECTS
JOVTS4 Research and Methodology, 10 ECTS (1.aut / 1.spr)
JOVTS5 Seminar, 10 ECTS (1.spr / 2.aut)
JOVS6 Master's Thesis, 40 ECTS (1.spr / 2.aut / 2.spr)
School of Communication, Media and Theatre