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North American Studies (NAM)

Learning outcomes

Throughout history, North America has played an important role in world affairs. North American presence is seen in several dimensions: in culture, history, economics, and popular culture, to name a few, but a key aspect is found in its political impact. Politically, North America has a vast global effect which can be seen in foreign relations and also through the intense interest in domestic issues, especially in the politics of the White House.

The focus of this program, correspondingly, explores the politics inside North America and North Americas political impact in a Trans-Atlantic and a global connection. The program draws from its rich multidisciplinary resources, with each field applying its own methodology, approaches, and perspectives to explore the creation, actions, and impacts of the political systems and impacts of North America. The combination of these multiple approaches, working with a cohesive focus, will provide students with an in depth understanding of the politics of North America. This understanding will be a strong complement to a host of subjects, including: political science, international relations, history, mass communications, women’s studies, literature, economics and cultural studies.


The NAM-program offers three levels of studies; The Basic Studies NAM-1 to NAM-7(25 ECTS), Subject studies NAM-8 to NAM-10(35 ECTS) and Advanced Studies (40 – 80 ECTS). North American Studies can be included in various studies as a full minor (basic studies 25 ECTS + subject studies 35 ECTS) in a Master's degree. As a minor (basic studies 25 ECTS) for the Bachelors degree (Kandidaatin tutkielma) at the University of Tampere. (Please check your faculty’s requirement for minor subjects!) Those students who are aiming for more in-depth understanding of North-America can start advanced studies (40-80 ECTS) The advanced studies will include thematic research group, seminars, set books and writing theses. The advanced level of the program will be mainly tailored so before starting the advanced level the students should contact the professor of the program.

The NAM-program is especially suited for students planning a career in research, intercultural business, international organizations and teaching. Furthermore, it is ideal for students planning to write their master's thesis or doctoral dissertation on a North American topic.


All students studying at the University of Tampere can study in the program.

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