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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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Russian Language and Culture

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Russian Language and Culture

SLAFT Supplementary Studies 6 ECTS
SLAFT1 Conversation Practice, 2 ECTS
SLAFT2 Grammar practice, 4 ECTS
Basic Studies 25 ECTS
SLAFP1 Conversation practice, 2 ECTS
SLAFP2A Grammar, 3 ECTS
SLAFP2B Grammar, 3 ECTS
SLAFP5 Written skills I, 3 ECTS
Phonetics 4 ECTS
SLAFP6 Theoretical phonetics, 2 ECTS
SLAFP7 Practical phonetics, 2 ECTS
Intermediate Studies 35–45 ECTS
Intermediate Studies I 20 ECTS
Oral and written skills 12 ECTS
SLAFA1 Conversation practice, 2 ECTS
SLAFA2 Morphology, 4 ECTS
SLAFA3 Syntax, 2 ECTS
Literature 8 ECTS
SLAFA6 Literary analysis, 4 ECTS
SLAFA7A History of literature, 2 ECTS
SLAFA7B History of literature, 2 ECTS
Intermediate Studies II 25 ECTS
Experience in Russia 15 ECTS
SLAFA8 Russian Language, 5 ECTS
SLAFA9 Russian Society, 5 ECTS
SLAFA10 Literature, 5 ECTS
Thesis studies 10 ECTS
SLAFA11 Proseminar, 6 ECTS
SLAFA12 Bachelor's thesis, 4 ECTS
Studies in Cognate Language 8 ECTS
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TSEKP1 Basic course I, 8 ECTS
PUOLP1 Basic course I, 8 ECTS
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies