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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
Curricula Guide is archieved. Please refer to current Curricula Guides
German Language and Culture: Master of Arts

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German Language and Culture: Master of Arts

Advanced Studies 63–83 ECTS
Linguistics 6 ECTS
Other Germanic Languages 3 ECTS
GERFS10 Dutch, 3 ECTS
MA Dissertation Studies 40 ECTS
GERFS9A Seminar II, 5 ECTS
GERFS9B MA Thesis, 35 ECTS
Optional Courses 20 ECTS
Business Communication 15 ECTS
GERFW1 Business German, 3–9 ECTS
GERFW2 Business Communication, 3–4 ECTS
GERFW4 Advertising, 3–4 ECTS
GERFW6 Terminology, 3–4 ECTS
GERFW7 Text Course in Marketing, 3–4 ECTS
Foreign Language Teaching 15 ECTS
GERFD2 Language Learning, 3–4 ECTS
GERFD3 Intercultural Learning, 3–4 ECTS
A Contrastive Linguistics Theme
GERFD5A Contrastive Verb Idiomatics, 3–4 ECTS
GERFD5B Contrastive Pragmatics, 3–4 ECTS
GERFD5C Error Analysis, 3–4 ECTS
GERFD6 Sociolinguistics, 3–4 ECTS
GERFD7 Literature/Art in Teaching, 3–4 ECTS
GERFD8 Stylistics, 3–4 ECTS
GERFD9 Some Other Linguistic Theme, 3–4 ECTS
GERFD10 Some Other Didactics Theme, 3–4 ECTS
GERFD11 Practical Assignment, 3–4 ECTS
General Studies 2–5 ECTS
One element from below
Other Studies 32–35 ECTS
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies