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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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MGE - European Master in Public Economics and Public Finance, 120 ECTS

Learning outcomes

The MGE - programme is organised jointly with the University of Rennes 1 (France) and the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). Being based on advanced economic theory and methods, the programme facilitates profound specialization in issues under the label Public Economics and Public Finance.

The students apply to and get registered in the programme in one of the partner universities (the home university), which entitles them to take courses in the other partner universities (the host universities). At least 1/4 of the programme must be taken abroad. The mobility of the students is organised via the ERASMUS exchange.

More information about the programme is available at the programme’s website

In the University of Tampere, the programme consists of 120 ECTS credits of studies.


Advanced Studies of Economics 90 ECTS
Optional Studies 30 ECTS

Total: 120 ECTS

Further information

Person in charge: professor Hannu Laurila.

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MGE - European Master in Public Economics and Public Finance, 120 ECTS

Advanced Studies of Economics 90 ECTS
Theory and Methods 28 ECTS
KTALS120 Microeconomic Theory, 8 ECTS
KTALS130 Macroeconomic Theory, 8 ECTS
KTALS140 Advanced Econometrics, 6 ECTS
KTALS150 Game Theory, 3–6 ECTS
KTALS160 Dynamic Optimization, 3–6 ECTS
KTALS170 Optional Course, 3–6 ECTS
Public Economics 26 ECTS
KTALS301 Master's Seminar, 4 ECTS
The Master's Thesis 36 ECTS
KTALS302 Master's Thesis, 32 ECTS
KTALS303 Master´s Exam, 2 ECTS
KTALS304 Essay in Major Subject, 2 ECTS
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