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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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Economics: Master´s Degree

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Economics: Master´s Degree

Advanced Studies in Economics 90 ECTS
Theory and Methods 28 ECTS
KTALS120 Microeconomic Theory, 8 ECTS
KTALS130 Macroeconomic Theory, 8 ECTS
KTALS140 Advanced Econometrics, 6 ECTS
KTALS150 Game Theory, 3–6 ECTS
KTALS160 Dynamic Optimization, 3–6 ECTS
KTALS170 Optional Course, 3–6 ECTS
Master´s Thesis 40 ECTS
KTALS301 Master's Seminar, 4 ECTS
KTALS302 Master's Thesis, 32 ECTS
KTALS303 Master´s Exam, 2 ECTS
KTALS304 Essay in Major Subject, 2 ECTS
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