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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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Master of Social Sciences, Political Science


Political Science is a branch of social sciences that analyses politics, power, political ideas and ideologies, political participation, political institutions and political systems, political decision-making, policies and policy outcomes. Different forms of political participation, and the organisation of political participation into political parties, pressure groups and new forms of collective activities will be analysed. The institutional structures of political life and their effect on political behaviour will be analysed and compared both on governmental and non-governmental arenas, on national and international arenas. Political ideas and their historical and theoretical foundations will be analysed. At the University of Tampere, special attention is paid to new forms of political participation, and problems of democracy both on national and international levels.

In Master's degree, theoretical and methodological skills are improved, and student specialises in some areas of political science. Studies in Master's degree will culminate in the making of the Master's thesis.

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Master of Social Sciences, Political Science

School of Management