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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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Insurance: B.Sc. (Economics and Business Administration)

Learning outcomes

Insurance exerts considerable influence in sustaining and developing the structures of society. Insurance as a science is concerned with the financial aspects of risk management and various systems of insurance. The programme objective is to provide knowledge of research fields and theories of insurance, likewise their relationships to social sciences, jurisprudence and economics. By studying insurance students acquire a knowledge of the theoretical principles of insurance and risk management, likewise an overview of the various types of insurances available and of insurance companies. The programme moreover includes a wide range of courses on finance, law and business. It also entails an internship which is significant in combining theory with practice. This internship also serves to facilitate placement in working life after graduation. Studies in insurance equip students with the competences for work in insurance companies and various insurance institutions, likewise in companies and banks in expert and managerial capacities in the field of insurance.

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Insurance: B.Sc. (Economics and Business Administration)

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