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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
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Computer Science: M.Sc.

Learning outcomes

Students complete the M.Sc. degree in one of the Master’s programmes in computer sciences.

The objective of the M.Sc. degree is to provide students with
• a thorough knowledge of the major subject and the basics of minor subjects;
• the ability to apply knowledge and scientific methods;
• the ability to work as an expert and developer in their field;
• qualifications for scientific postgraduate education; and
• good language and communication skills.

Further information

At the beginning of master’s degree studies, each student makes a personal study plan in which the studies to be included in the master’s degree are agreed upon in writing with the professor in charge of the Master’s degree programme.

Students who complete a Master’s degree programme in English are required to take the majority (100 ECTS) of courses in their master’s studies in English.

The school will give more detailed information on how those students who started their studies before autumn 2005 and those who have taken the Bachelor of Science degree according to the old degree requirements can transfer to study in a Master’s degree programme under the new degree structure.

A Master’s degree may include practical training in the intermediate studies level. Students who wish to include practical training in their Master’s degree must agree on this in advance with the professor of the Master’s degree programme.

The structure of each Master’s degree programme is described below. The course units which are mentioned in section 0.2 of the degrees as prerequisites may also be substituted with courses taken elsewhere, e.g. at another University or in a Polytechnic if the content of the courses is equivalent.

Studies in the Master’s programme are largely defined by fields of specialisation, but the different programmes have common courses as well. Even though studies on the advanced level are divided into different Master’s programmes, it is also possible, and often recommended, to take advanced courses of other Master’s programmes. Please note that all the courses in a Master’s programme are not taught in English every year. Course units in the advanced studies level which can be included in each Master’s degree programme are confirmed annually in the teaching schedule. More information of the Master’s programmes in English can be found from the web page http://www.uta.fi/sis/en/cs/mscprograms.html

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Computer Science: M.Sc.

M.Sc. Programme in Software Development
M.Sc. Programme in Data Bases and Information Retrieval
School of Information Sciences