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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2008–2010
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Master's Degree Programme in Media Management

Learning outcomes

The Master’s programme in Media Management benefits students and faculty in the partner departments by emphasising the importance of management in media studies and media in management studies. Studies feature an integrated approach to research in keeping with traditions in the partner departments. This approach builds theory through empirical research using diverse methods to develop understandings derived from media management in practice. Collaboration with managers in Finnish media industries is part of the programme.

Curriculum coursework is keyed to four aspects that together comprise the context which media managers must manage: media policy, media economy, media organisation and media content. Programme coursework emphasises the interdependence of these four aspects.

The curriculum emphasises four dimensions which characterise the daily work of media managers in practice: strategic thinking, decision-making, change management, and diversity management. These thematic dimensions cut across coursework and are prioritised in theses advising.

Case studies are a featured element across coursework. Students are challenged with analytical exercises rooted in practical problems and tasked to develop practical solutions.

The programme is oriented to build and strengthen the competence of middle management in media firms and specifically in the context of journalism, broadly construed.


The two-year Master’s programme totals 120 ECTS credits. Half of the total is composed of six thematic modules which are subdivided into 12 courses (5 ECTS each). The other half is devoted to the thesis and related seminar work. An overview of the programme, its curriculum structure and the two-year study schedule is shown in the attached figures (see: www.uta.fi/laitokset/tiedotus/opiskelu/MM_mo09-12/MM_Curriculum_Slides_160309.pdf).


The programme relies on a mixed-language curriculum (Finnish and English) to begin. A plan for migration to a fully international English-language programme will be developed by the end of 2010. However students will be required to write papers and make presentations in English from the beginning in autumn 2009.

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Organisation responsible: Department of Journalism & Mass Communication and Department of Management Studies

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Department of Journalism and Mass Communication