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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2008–2010
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Learning outcomes

The Hypermedia Laboratory at the University of Tampere conducts research and offers teaching on the nature of
interactive, multilinear and multimodal media, effects, opportunities from the perspective of social and individual
practices and experiences. The teaching provides an analytical overview of developing digital media forms as a part of human activity, and equips students with the capability for the design and implementation of interactive media.


Hypermedia, as a subject and field of research with the multidisciplinary developmental history, is located on
a basis created by the fields of social science, the humanities and design sciences. The social sciences perspective in hypermedia research is represented by the study of the importance of the new forms of media, their nature and function. The humanistic perspective stresses the pivotal nature of artistic and informative structure, mode of presentation and human thinking, action and creative dimensions. The design attribute is connected to the applied research and development work of hypermedia analysis and comprehension.


Hypermedia is an independent study block planned to support specialisation as a digital media expert. The main
themes in teaching provide an opportunity to learn about many different aspects of interactive media dimensions
and to specialise in the research of topical issues in hypermedia. Studies in hypermedia can be combined as a minor
subject in various combinations of subjects. Combining hypermedia with information sciences, research on
arts subjects, computer science, marketing, administrative sciences and education has been popular.

Further information

Before beginning Basic studies students must have completed the study module entitled X1, Introduction to Web Publishing or equivalent.

Basic Studies consist of course units P1-P5 (total 25 ECTS credits)

At the time of Intermediate Studies the compulsory course units are A1 and A5 (total 20 ECTS credits). In addition
parts of A2, A3 and A4 (at least 4 ECTS credits from each) are to be taken for a total of 20 ECTS credits in optional Intermediate Studies study models.

Information on the persons responsible for course units, their implementation and completion is available from the
office of the Hypermedia Laboratory or from the web pages (http://www.uta.fi/hyper/opetus/index_en.php).

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Department of Information Studies and Interactive Media