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Archived Curricula Guide 2017–2019
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Bachelor degree programme in biotechnology

Learning outcomes

The aim of the education is to equip students with capabilities for expert tasks in the various fields of application of biotechnology (research, teaching, administration, product development, marketing) in both the public and private sectors, at home and abroad. The education implements a multidisciplinary approach. Multiform teaching methods support the achievement of the content objectives of the degrees. Students will also have an opportunity to pursue part of their studies abroad at co-operation universities.

The objective on the Bachelor's programme is that students attain

- an understanding of the basics of the main areas of biotechnology and the preconditions for monitoring development in the field
- the capability to seek information of the field, to interpret and apply it critically
- the capability for scientific thinking and scientific ways of working and the ability to work independently and safely in the laboratory
- sufficient communication skills
- the capability to apply knowledge acquired in working life
the preconditions to complete a Master's degree at a Finnish or foreign university

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Bachelor degree programme in biotechnology

Subject studies 80 ECTS
BTK2040 Molecular Biology, 5 ECTS
BTK2020 Biomolecules, 6 ECTS
BTK2025 Metabolism, 8 ECTS
BTK2060 Microbiology I, 5 ECTS
BTK2051 Molecular cell biology, 8 ECTS
BTK2070 Structural Biology, 5 ECTS
BIO2085 Bioinformatics tools, 3 ECTS
BTK2223 Basics of immunology, 5 ECTS
BTK1053 Cell Culture, 5 ECTS
BTKK Studies of Chemistry 17 ECTS
BTK3115 Honors chemistry I, 4 ECTS
BTK3120 Honors chemistry 2, 4 ECTS
BTK3125 Honors chemistry 3, 4 ECTS
BTK3210 Organic chemistry, 5 ECTS
Optional Studies 38– ECTS
BTKTEEMA Biotechnology themes 15–40 ECTS
0–3 elements from below
BTKOHJ Programming studies 15–40 ECTS
15–45 ECTS
BTKFYS Physics studies 15–40 ECTS
15–45 ECTS
BTKFYS03 FYS-7206 Biological physics, 3–5 ECTS
Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences