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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2017–2019
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Master's Degree Programme in Leadership for Change



- Critically assess the key challenges of leading societal change processes from the perspectives of business, governance and politics.
- Discuss the extent through which current theories, models and approaches of leadership and management are adequate to solve existing problems and dilemmas
- Apply key concepts emanating from the fields of business, governance and politics to real situations (case studies)


- Grasp the importance of, and the existing mechanisms for, collaborating across multiple sectors of the economy
- Master the ability to communicate and think across disciplinary fields and/or knowledge domains
- Recognise and comprehend the effects of broader societal changes - digitisation, urbanisation, aging, etc.
- Be an active participant of change processes

General competence

- Be able to formulate precise and relevant academic research problems and undertake independent scientific work
- Be able to collaborate with and address multiple stakeholder audiences
- Be able to assess, interpret and critic selected domains of leadership from the perspective of business, governance and politics theories and practice


Master's degree (120 ECTS)
- Joint Advanced Studies 70 ECTS,including the master's thesis 40 ECTS
- Specialisation-specific Advanced Studies 25 ECTS,
- Free Choice Studies 25 ECTS

Students graduate from three different degrees according to their specialisation.

Specialisations and degrees:
a) Governance for Sustainable Change: Master of Administrative Sciences
b) Politics in Wider Europe: Master of Social Sciences
c) Sustainable Business Management: Master of Science (Business Administration)

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Master's Degree Programme in Leadership for Change

Joint Advanced Studies 70 ECTS
Doing research on current change challenges 50 ECTS
Introduction to Science and Research is to be taken as a 2 ECTS course. More information in the course description.
Free Choice Studies 25 ECTS
LFC students have the opportunity to choose freely UTA courses based on individual interest. Finnish language courses are strongly recommended for non-Finns.