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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2015–2019
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Joint Doctoral Studies

Learning outcomes

No general learning outcomes were defined for the joint doctoral studies organised by the Doctoral School.


The Doctoral School of the University of Tampere organises instruction to complement the instruction offered by the doctoral programmes. The joint doctoral studies form a smorgasbord that meets the competence needs of doctoral students in various ways and enables the students to choose courses that are best suited to their personal study plans. The courses and other events organised by the Doctoral School are open to all doctoral students in all the doctoral programmes organised by the Schools and some courses are open to all researchers at the University. Instruction is offered in both Finnish and English, which supports the studies of international doctoral students.
The joint doctoral studies organised by the Doctoral School bring together doctoral students from several fields of study, which helps to develop multidisciplinary working skills and promotes peer learning and peer supervision.
The courses are designed so that they suit the different phases of doctoral studies.
The courses on offer each year are designed in cooperation with the doctoral programmes in order to meet the guidelines made by the University’s Research Council. The curriculum consists of core courses that are offered in Finnish and English and repeated in alternate semesters. The curriculum contains courses with varying topics, which aim to develop the skills needed in research work and working life, as well as courses that deal with methodology

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Joint Doctoral Studies

Basics of Scientific Research 0–35 ECTS
Student chooses study units according to study plan
TAYJ11 Philosophy of Science, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ12 Research Ethics, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ13 Scientific Argumentation, 1–10 ECTS
Research Method Skills 0–90 ECTS
Student chooses study units according to study plan
TAYJ022 Quantitative Research Methods, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ023 Collecting Quantitative Data, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ024 Quantitative Data Analysis, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ025 Qualitative Research Methods, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ026 Collecting Qualitative Data, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ027 Qualitative Data Analysis, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ028 Mixed Methods, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ029 Other Research Methods, 1–10 ECTS
Research and Transferable Skills 0–60 ECTS
Student chooses study units according to study plan
TAYJ031 Scientific Communication, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ032 Academic Writing, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ033 Academic Presentations, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ034 Research Plan, 1–10 ECTS
TAYJ035 Research Process, 1–10 ECTS
Other Joint Doctoral Studies 0–16 ECTS
Student chooses study units according to study plan
TAYJ041 Orientation to Doctoral Studies, 0–10 ECTS
TAYJ042 IASR Lectures, 2–6 ECTS
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