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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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Master's Degree Programme in Health Sciences 2015-2017

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the programme the graduate will
- have a broad understanding of public/international health,
- have essential skills and tools to analyse health and illness of populations and the related determinants,
- be able to define public and global health challenges tackled by multicultural organizations,
- comprehend that health is associated with context-based and socio-economic conditions,
- understand the effects of globalisation and the challenges it poses to health and health care,
- be able to recognise the key actors in the arena of public health policy formulation and implementation,
- be familiar with the principles of planning health promotion programmes and actions for improving population health,
- be able to independently plan, carry out and report a scientific study on a public/international health topic and to justify the methodological and ethical choices made in the study
- be able to critically assess the quality of scientific studies addressing public/international health issues and the usefulness of the studies for specific expert tasks or research questions,
- be able to participate in scientific discussions by using scientific argumentation appropriately.


Programme content
• General Studies 15-25 ECTS
• Advanced Studies in Health Sciences 95-105 ECTS
• Free Choice Studies 10 ECTS

Advanced studies consist of mandatory Health Science Core Studies 20 ECTS, Compulsory Public Health or International Health Studies 15 ECTS, Elective Public Health Studies 20 ECTS, Master Thesis Studies 40 ECTS and an optional Work Practicum 5-10 ECTS.

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Master's Degree Programme in Health Sciences 2015-2017

Advanced Studies in Health Sciences 95–105 ECTS
Master Thesis and Seminar 40 ECTS
HEAAMTS1 Master's Thesis Seminar I, 2 ECTS
HEAAMT Master's Thesis, 30 ECTS
Work Practicum 0–10 ECTS
HEAAWP01 Work Practicum, long, 10 ECTS
HEAAWP02 Work Practicum, short, 5 ECTS
School of Health Sciences