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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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Bachelor degree programme in biotechnology

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Bachelor degree programme in biotechnology

General studies 35 ECTS
BTKTTV Academic skills 14 ECTS
BTK0021 Statistics in Biomedicine, 5 ECTS (1.spr)
BTK1023 Basic laboratory course, 5 ECTS (1.aut)
Subject studies 80 ECTS
BTK2040 Molecular Biology, 5 ECTS
BTK2020 Biomolecules, 6 ECTS
BTK2025 Metabolism, 8 ECTS
BTK2060 Microbiology I, 3 ECTS
BTK2051 Molecular cell biology, 8 ECTS
BTK2070 Structural Biology, 5 ECTS
BIO2085 Bioinformatics tools, 3 ECTS
BTK2223 Basics of immunology, 5 ECTS
BTK1053 Cell Culture, 5 ECTS
BTKK Studies of Chemistry 17 ECTS
BTK3115 Honors chemistry I, 4 ECTS
BTK3120 Honors chemistry 2, 4 ECTS
BTK3125 Honors chemistry 3, 4 ECTS
BTK3210 Organic chemistry, 5 ECTS
Optional Studies 40– ECTS
BTKTEEMA Biotechnology themes 15–40 ECTS
0–3 elements from below
BTKOHJ Programming studies 15–40 ECTS
15–45 ECTS
BTKFYS Physics studies 15–40 ECTS
15–45 ECTS
BTKFYS03 FYS-7206 Biological physics, 3–5 ECTS