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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
Curricula Guide is archieved. Please refer to current Curricula Guides
School of Social Sciences and Humanities

At the School of Social Sciences and Humanities (YKY) the strong societal research of the University of Tampere joins the traditions of the humanities.  A scientific community of about 2,700 students and 300 researchers and teachers study and research relations between society and individuals and changes therein from a wide range of perspectives. Degrees are offered in three fields of science: the humanities, social sciences and psychology.

Education leading to the degrees is arranged on the six degree programmes offered by the School: in philosophy, history, logopedics, social sciences, social work and psychology.  In addition to the content of their own degree programmes, students are introduced to the research on society and culture, to the history of Finnish society, to the information collected and produced on society and individuals and to ways of doing science. Through courses on ethics and social philosophy students will also gain knowledge on the relations between the individual, the community and society.

Through the elective subjects available on the degree programmes students can direct their expertise according to their own interests and objectives.  Elective studies can be taken in a student’s own School or some other School of the University.  Studies forming part of the degree programme are stipulated in detail in the curriculum for the respective degree programmes.

From studies to working life

The School of Social Sciences and Humanities educates students for the various sectors of working life; critically and independently thinking experts with mastery of extensive entities, who understand society in a variety of ways and know the means to change it. The degree programmes in psychology, social work and logopedics also confer eligibility under Finnish law for professional competence.

The degree programmes offered by the School also enable students to aim at the competence of subject teacher.  The Master’s degree in philosophy, history or psychology together with teacher’s pedagogical studies confers the competence to be a subject teacher in these subjects.  Studies in the subject to be taught can also be taken in social subjects and civics.  The right to take teacher’s pedagogical studies can be applied for during the first year of studies.

Teaching in English

The teaching language in the degree programmes of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities is Finnish. However, every year there are courses offered in English in almost all study fields. In addition, North American Studies module is available to all students. The teaching given in English is compiled in the curriculum under the title “Studies offered in English”.

The school offers a number of specialised Master's degree programmes, some of which jointly with other UTA Schools: MDP in Comparative Social Policy and Welfare, MDP in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research, MDP in Global and Transnational Studies, MDP in Quantitative Social Research and MDP in  Russian and European Studies.

More details on studies at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities will be found on the School’s study pages.

Information on studies for exchange and visiting students

School of Social Sciences and Humanities