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Archived Curricula Guide 2015–2017
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School of Information Sciences
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General Regulations 2015-2018 (pdf 244 kB.)

The School of Information Sciences (SIS) was launched in 2011. The predecessor of the School, the Faculty of Information Sciences, was founded in 2001. However, in most disciplines of the School teaching commenced already in the 1960s.

The School of Information Sciences consists of a versatile collection of sciences dealing with information and information processing, management and use. For students, the School offers three different degree programmes with teaching in Information Studies and Interactive Media, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Interactive Technology. Some of these are available in Finland only at the University of Tampere.

All degree programmes are in the field of Natural Sciences. We offer Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees. The teaching is mainly in Finnish, but some Master's programmes are given in English.

Our graduates are speedily recruited into e.g. business, industry and the public sector. Graduates from Information Studies and Interactive Media work, for example, in libraries and information services. Mathematics students can train as Mathematics subject teachers, or they can work as teachers in other sectors and as researchers. Statistics graduates are needed in many areas of society and research. Computer scientists have found positions as software developers, usability experts and project leaders.

The teaching offered by the School is constantly developed alongside with the society’s growing and changing needs to manage information. The research undertaken by the School is internationally renowned and well-connected. The research is focused on different methods of organizing, processing and using information. The aim of the research is to produce new information and expertise that can be utilized in developing knowledge-based products and information services.

School's contact information is available at SIS website.

School's degree regulations 2015-2018 at SIS website.

School of Information Sciences