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Archived Curricula Guide 2011–2012
Curricula Guide is archieved. Please refer to current Curricula Guides
School of Management

School of Management

The University of Tampere School of Management began its operations on 1 January, 2011. New Bachelor's and Master's programmes will commence in the academic year 2012–2013. In the academic year 2011–2012, the curricula and teaching schedules of the subjects of the School will follow those of the Faculty of Economics and Administration and the Faculty of Social Sciences (Political Science, International Relations).

Major subjects - Economics and Administration

    * Accounting and Finance
    * Administrative Science
    * Business Law
    * Economics
    * Environmental Policy
    * Financial Administration and Public Sector Accounting
    * Insurance
    * Local Governance
    * Local Public Economics
    * Local Public Law
    * Management and Organisation
    * Marketing
    * Public Law
    * Regional Studies
    * Tax Law

Major subjects - Politics

    * International Relations
    * Political Science

International Relations & Political Science

The two major subjects in the field of politics at the University of Tampere are International Relations and Political Science. Both subjects are also featured in the multidisciplinary European Studies module.

Studies in Political Science cover political participation, parties, pressure groups and new social movements, the role of civil society in politics, political institutions and political systems, comparative politics, political decision-making and problems of governance, political ideas and ideologies as well as political theory, policy analysis and policies on different policy areas, such as welfare policy, energy policy, and environmental policy.

Studies in International Relations cover foreign policy and diplomacy, security and integration policies, European studies, world politics, international organisations and different research orientations and intellectual history of International Relations. World Politics, European Studies, and Peace and Conflict Studies are offered as areas of specialisation.

Exchange students are welcome to take all courses offered in IR and Political Science unless participation is not restricted due to the nature of the course or the room available. The selection of courses offered in English varies each academic year. However, some courses are organised on a more regular basis. In addition to the courses available, students can gain additional credits by writing essays and taking exams on set books. Please note that only the requirements for each course unit are presented in the curricula guide and that not all the course units listed in the guide include tuition.

Departmental Advisers

For further information about the contents and requirements of the studies in politics, please contact the teacher responsible for the course/module or the respective advisers:

International Relations
: Lecturer Tarja Seppä, rm. 5096, tel. 3551 7016, email: tarja.seppa(at)uta.fi. Office hours: Mon 12–13.
Political Science: University Lecturer Mikko Lahtinen, rm. 5097, tel. 3551 6723, email: mikko.i.lahtinen(at)uta.fi. Office hours: Mon 12–13.


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