Bachelor's Programme in Psychology

Basic studies in psychology

Basic studies in psychology (25 ECTS) can be taken by studying independently for a book exam. The exam must be agreed with the responsible teacher:

PSYINT1 Life-span developmental psychology I (5 ECTS): postdoc researcher Mervi Vänskä

PSYINT2 Cognitive neuroscience I (5 ECTS): professor Jari Hietanen

PSYINT3 Psychology of personality I (5 ECTS): university lecturer Anne Mäkikangas

PSYINT4 Psychological research methods (5 ECTS): professor Kalevi Korpela

PSYINT5 Psychology of health and mental health I (5 ECTS): professor Raija-Leena Punamäki

The course descriptions and study materials for the electronic exams (Tenttis):