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Archived teaching schedules 2017–2018
You are browsing archived teaching schedule. Current teaching schedules can be found here.


Period I (4-Sep-2017 – 22-Oct-2017)
Period II (23-Oct-2017 – 15-Dec-2017)

The opening ceremony for the academic year is held on Tue 5 September 2017.

Please check the up-to-date schedules before the start of each course.

Proficiency Evaluation Test

Exchange students don't have to take a proficiency evaluation test. The level of proficiency in Spanish will be evaluated during the first lecture meeting.

If a student has registered for a course but will not be taking it, he/she must cancel his/her registration by the set date before the course begins so that another student may take the course instead. If a student does not participate in the course and does not cancel his/her enrolment, or if he/she discontinues the course, he/she will be assigned a fail grade for the course in question. In The School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies students must cancel their registration within a week from the course’s first meeting.

Course Enrolment

Check the enrolment from the teaching schedule.


Jukka Havu (jukka.havu@uta.fi)
Lois Atanes

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Teaching in the Autumn Semester 2017

Period (23-Oct-2017 – 15-Dec-2017)

Basic Studies

ESPFP1 Suullinen ja kirjallinen taito - Suulliset ja kirjalliset harjoitukset/Expresión oral y escrita - Conversación y redacción 3 ECTS (Language of instruction: Spanish) Continues from the previous period
ESPFP2 Käännös suomi-espanja I/Traducción finés-español I 5 ECTS (Language of instruction: Spanish) Continues from the previous period
ESPFP3 Kielioppi I/Gramática española I 5 ECTS (Language of instruction: Spanish) Continues from the previous period