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Archived teaching schedules 2017–2018
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Russian Studies


Period II (23-Oct-2017 – 15-Dec-2017)
Period III (8-Jan-2018 – 4-Mar-2018)
Period IV (5-Mar-2018 – 27-May-2018)

General information

The Russian Studies module is a multidisciplinary approach on Russia. It covers Russian history, culture, media, and social and political structures of Russian society. The module is optional and available to all students at the University of Tampere and the students at the Finnish Master's School in Russian and Eastern European Studies. Participation does not require preceding Russian studies. The teaching language is usually English, and the teachers are experts in Russian studies from Finland and other countries.

Module Grade (Kokonaismerkintä)

Before obtaining the grade for the entire module, all courses must be successfully completed. Please contact study coordinator Sirje Lällä for the module grade.

Module evaluation is the grade point average of all courses in it.

Teaching in the Autumn Semester 2017

Period (23-Oct-2017 – 15-Dec-2017)

Russian Studies

RUST5/VENS10 Transgressive Media: Russia and the World 5 ECTS (Language of instruction: English)
JKKYRUS1 Strategic Business and Human Resource Management in Russia 5 ECTS (Language of instruction: English)

Teaching in the Spring Semester 2018

Period (8-Jan-2018 – 4-Mar-2018)

Russian Studies

RUST5/JOUJOVTS New media as instruments of Russia's domestic and foreign policy 5 ECTS (Language of instruction: English)
PEACE045 Complexity of Regional Conflicts and Challenges to Peace Processes in the Former/Post Soviet Area 5 ECTS (Language of instruction: English) Continues from the previous period
Period (5-Mar-2018 – 27-May-2018)

Russian Studies

RUST4 Nationalism, Conservatism and Biopolitics in Russia and Wider Europe 5 ECTS (Language of instruction: English)
MVKS54-56 Descriptor Theory of Metaphors and Russian Political Discourse 5 ECTS (Language of instruction: English)
VENS20/RUST1 Povsednevnaja zhizn' i kul'tura pozdnesovetskoj vremeni (kak my zhili v SSSR) 5 ECTS (Language of instruction: Russian)
VENS19/RUST5 Seeing Russian Society and Literature through Language Corpora 5 ECTS (Language of instruction: English)