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Archived teaching schedules 2015–2016
You are browsing archived teaching schedule. Current teaching schedules can be found here.
Master's Programme in Journalism


Period II (19-Oct-2015 – 20-Dec-2015)
Period III (11-Jan-2016 – 6-Mar-2016)
Period IV (7-Mar-2016 – 29-May-2016)

Teaching in the Autumn Semester 2015

Period (19-Oct-2015 – 20-Dec-2015)

Advanced Studies

MEJOS15 Journalism Start-Ups and Enterpreneurialism 5 ECTS (Language of instruction: English)

Teaching in the Spring Semester 2016

Period (11-Jan-2016 – 6-Mar-2016)

Advanced Studies

JOVTS7 Digital Media Landscape and Media Policies 5 ECTS (Language of instruction: English)
Period (7-Mar-2016 – 29-May-2016)

Advanced Studies

JOUJOVTS Optional course: BRICS and Media 3 ECTS (Language of instruction: English)