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Archived teaching schedules 2012–2013
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Study Module in Journalism and Mass Communication


Period III (7-Jan-2013 – 8-Mar-2013)
Period IV (11-Mar-2013 – 17-May-2013)
Period (7-Jan-2013 - 8-Mar-2013)
Aineopinnot [Period III]

The module focuses on stages of mass communication research and its paradigm shifts as part of development of a post-industrial society. The module is composed of lecture course (20 h) with a book of classics (3 ECTS) and a book examination (1 book + 1 article, 2 ECTS).The lecture course is done by a diary and the classic as book essay, both to be assessed by Professor Nordenstreng.  The examination of Pietilä's book (in Finnish or English) plus an article (to be specified) are done separately as an electronic examination. Examiners: Professor Taisto Hujanen (in Finnish language) and Leonardo Custodio (in English language).

Enrolment for University Studies
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10-Jan-2013 – 21-Feb-2013
Periods: III
Language of instruction: English
Period (11-Mar-2013 - 17-May-2013)
Aineopinnot [Period IV]

Objective of the course is to enable students to understand processes of globalization, media convergence and the transformation from the industrial to the information society, in particular the role of the Internet as the basic infrastructure for global information society with its political, legal, economic, social and cultural implications. The course covers a range of issues, which have been negotiated in the process of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

Enrolment for University Studies

Ilmoittautuminen NettiOpsulla

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18-Mar-2013 – 22-Mar-2013
Periods: IV
Language of instruction: English
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Tämä kurssi käy suoritukseksi sekä aineopintoihin että journalistiikan syventäviin opintoihin kohtaan JOVTS2JB.