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Archived teaching schedules 2012–2013
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Master's Programme for Vocational Education


Period II (22-Oct-2012 – 14-Dec-2012)
Period IV (11-Mar-2013 – 17-May-2013)
Period (22-Oct-2012 - 14-Dec-2012)
Syventävät opinnot [Period II]

The aim of the course is that the students will - familiarize with discourses of education and schooling in different historical and cultural contexts, related to transforming struggles about economical and political hegemony - engage in contemporary idea-historical debates and research about meanings and functions of education

Max 20 students.

Enrolment for University Studies

Ilmoittautuminen Nettiopsussa päättyy su 30.9.2012.

Enrolment time has expired
26-Oct-2012 – 14-Dec-2012
Periods: II
Language of instruction: English
Period (11-Mar-2013 - 17-May-2013)
Syventävät opinnot [Period IV]

Max 20 students

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment in NettiOpsu not later than on Sunday, 10th of February, 2013.

Enrolment time has expired
15-Mar-2013 – 4-May-2013
Periods: IV
Language of instruction: English