The new Faculties of the University of Tampere will be inaugurated at the beginning of 2017. The Faculties will be updated to curricula guides and teaching schedules at the end of the current academic year. Until then, the degree programmes can be found under the discontinued Schools.
Teaching Schedules
The teaching schedules include schedules for teaching given in English and other foreign languages. The schedules are published annually in May and updated also during the semesters. Please check the up-to-date schedules before the start of each course. The description of each Faculty in the Teaching Schedule include links to listings of such course units that are available for exchange students and can be completed also through independent study. Each list can be accessed by clicking the name of the relevant Faculty on the Teaching Schedule site. Curricula of the programmes taught in English can be found on the Curricula Guides site.
If you cannot find a teaching schedule for the degree programme or study module you are interested in, please contact the International Adviser.
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