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Archived teaching schedules 2014–2015
You are browsing archived teaching schedule. Current teaching schedules can be found here.
Examination Days
Examination in faculty


EXAMS DAYS 2014–2015

Information Studies and Interactive Media:
If you want to complete a book exam or write an essay in English, please contact the responsible teacher in advance. The teacher also gives you instructions for the reading. Maturity exams for Master's Thesis can be taken on school exam days, but maturity exams for Bachelor's Thesis available only on electronic exam service (upon agreement).

School exams on Thursdays 16–20, D10a+b

Autumn term 2014        

Thu  25.09.2014     16–20
Thu  23.10.2014     16–20
Thu  06.11.2014     16–20
Thu  27.11.2014     16–20
Thu  11.12.2014     16–20
Thu  18.12.2014     16–20

Spring term 2015

Thu  15.01.2015     16–20
Thu  29.01.2015     16–20
Thu  26.02.2015     16–20
Thu  19.03.2015     16–20
Thu  16.04.2015     16–20
Thu  07.05.2015     16–20
Thu  28.05.2015     16–20
Thu  11.06.2015     16-20

 Exam lists for each exam day can be found in NettiOpsu.

For more information on studies in summer 2015, please see the summer studies page.

Examination in degree programs
Informaatiotutkimuksen ja interaktiivisen median maisteriopinnot
Degree Programme in Mathematics and Statistics
Degree Programme in Computer Sciences

Intermediate studies

  • TIETA8 Software Engineering, 5 ECTS available in Electronic Exam service on periods I-IV
  • For M.Sc. Degree Students: TIEVA36 Priciples of Usability, User Experience and User Interfaces, available on periods I and III see instructions on course homepage

MDP in Human-Technology Interaction

Degree Programme in Information Studies and Interactive Media

If you want to complete a book exam or write an essay in English, please contact the responsible teacher first - see the list below. The teacher gives you instructions for the exam and reading. Textbooks can be borrowed from the University Library, Linna Building. See also Nelli Portal for e-journals.