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Archived teaching schedules 2016–2017
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Examination Days
Examination in faculty

Exams in the School of Health Sciences

General Exam dates of the School of Health Sciences in the Academic Year 2016-2017

The exams are held in the Ls F211AB.

Autumn term 2016

8.9.2016 klo 12-16

20.10.2016 klo 12-16

1.12.2016  klo 12-16

Spring term 2017

26.1.2017  klo 12-16

23.3.2017  klo 12-16

11.5.2017  klo 12-16


Summer exam 8.6.2017  klo 12-16

Please enroll to the exams at least 7 days prior to the exam at: http://www.uta.fi/nettiopsu/

Examination in degree programs