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Archived teaching schedules 2018–2019
You are browsing archived teaching schedule. Current teaching schedules can be found here.
Examination Days
Examination in faculty

General exam days in Language, Literature and Translation

Time: 16-20

Autum Semester 2018

Exam days and rooms:

20.9.    Room B1096
18.10.  Room B1100
15.11.  Room B1100
13.12.  Room B1100

Exam days and rooms:

Spring Semester 2019

24.1.   Room B1096
21.2.   Room B1100
21.3.   Room B1100
11.4.   Room B1100
16.5.   Room B1100

Examination in degree programs
Master's Degree Programme in Human-Technology Interaction
Degree Programme in Information Studies and Interactive Media
Degree Programme in German Language, Culture and Translation
Degree Programme in Finnish Language
Degree Programme in French Language
Degree Programme in Scandinavian Languages
Degree Programme in Literary Studies
Degree Programme in Russian Language, Culture and Translation