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Archived teaching schedules 2011–2012
You are browsing archived teaching schedule. Current teaching schedules can be found here.
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies

School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies (LTL)

School’s website
e-mail: ltl.info(at)uta.fi

Departmental Coordinators:
Ms Tiina Harjula, Room B5050, Tel. +358 3 3551 6871 (personnel administration and financial affairs)
Ms Kati Lampinen, Room B4053, Tel. +358 3 3551 6103 (research and academic affairs)
Ms Anne Sannikka, Room B2020, Tel. ++358 40 190 1572 (personnel administration)
Ms Anna Wansén-Kaseva, Room B 5027, Tel. +358 3 3551 6150 (international affairs and PR)

Office Secretaries:
Ms Marita Aro, Room B5028, Tel. +358 3 3551 7657 (English Philology, French Language, German Language and Culture, Russian Language and Culture, Scandinavian Languages, Spanish Language)
Ms Tarja Lipsonen, Room B2029, Tel. + 358 40 190 1561 (Comparative Literature, Finnish Literature)
Ms Hanna Peuraniemi, Room B4051, Tel. + 358 3 3551 6040 (Finnish Language, Phonetics, General Linguistics, Estonian Language and Culture, Programme for Multilingual Communication and Translation Studies)

Advisers by subject in LTL and other units

Information for exchange students

Please see the School’s website for information on planning your studies as an exchange student and on language skills tests for exchange students. For detailed information on the courses offered in English or other foreign languages, please see the teaching schedules from the sidebar on the left.

The list contains those course units that are available for exchange students. The list includes all such units, regardless of whether they are taught units or ones that can only be completed through independent study, e.g. by taking a book examination or by writing an essay. Please note that not all the units on the list can necessarily be completed in English.