FILJATKO Contemporary Questions in Research Ethics 2 ECTS
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Doctoral Programme in Philosophy
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General description

This course will examine the moral questions raised by research practices in different disciplines. It will cover the origins of research ethics, and look at the ways in which different moral theories respond to the challenges of research. It will include a focus on the 'Four Principles' approach to research ethics - and consider whether this offers advantages over traditional moral theories. Participants will be asked to deliberate on a series of case studies highlighting a variety of ethical issues, drawn from real-world examples. They will have a possibility to think about the ways in which research ethics applies to research in their own disciplines. In addition to the specifics of research ethics, students will explore the question of what constitutes research, and whether the focus on ethics in relation to research per se constitutes a problem with regard to 'research exceptionalism'.

Instructor: Associate Professor Anna Smajdor, University of Oslo

Before first meeting, readan article from Rosamond Rhodes "Rehtinking Research Ethics" (2006):

Enrolment for University Studies

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Jaana Virta, Teacher responsible
Mirja Hartimo, Teacher responsible
Anna Smajdor, Teacher responsible


20-May-2019 – 23-May-2019
Lectures 9 hours
Mon 20-May-2019 at 14-17, Pinni B4141
Tue 21-May-2019 at 14-17, Pinni B4141
Wed 22-May-2019 at 14-17, Pinni B4141



Evaluation criteria

Reading the assignments and participation in group activities and discussions. During the final session, each group will present a small case analysis based on a challenging research question.

Study materials

Before first meeting, readan article from Rosamond Rhodes "Rehtinking Research Ethics" (2006):

Further information

This course cannot be used to replace the mandatory research ethics requirement for doctorate students.