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Archived teaching schedules 2018–2019
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HALYAS14 Leadership for Sustainable Change (KATVAS39) 5 ECTS
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Advanced studies
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Degree Programme in Administrative Studies
Politics of the Environment and Regions
Faculty of Management

Learning outcomes

The course content consists of three parts: In the first part, the student learns about global environmental challenges, principles of sustainability, as well as the concept of circular economy. In the second part, the student learns about the leadership of change and societal transitions. In the third part, the student reflects his/her personal growth and learns about the education and competences of sustainability, as well as different thinking tools and methods for the practice of sustainability.

General description

Leadership for sustainable change is an online course on sustainability and change leadership. It is aimed at master’s level students, but is also open for students at all levels and fields. The course is taught in collaboration with University of Helsinki and Tampere University.

Students study the online learning material, including text, video and assignments, at the MOOC platform. In an online study group, the student takes part in a project work, in which a sustainability change project plan is designed.

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment to the course opens 4 September and takes place at http://mooc.helsinki.fi/ > Leadership for Sustainable Change


Erkki-Jussi Nylen, Teacher responsible
Nina Nygren, Other person
Anni Kangas, Other person

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4-Sep-2018 – 19-Oct-2018
Study Group
Group work 133 hours Web-based
Independent work 81 hours Web-based


Numeric 1-5.

Study materials

The course material as well as more info on the course backgrounds can be found at www.leadforsust.fi.  

Further information

The course material as well as more info on the course backgrounds can be found at www.leadforsust.fi.