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Archived teaching schedules 2018–2019
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HISOKV1 Introduction to Finnish History 5 ECTS
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Basic studies
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Faculty of Social Sciences

Learning outcomes

After the course, students will be familiar with the outline of Finnish history and its context in European and global history.
Students are able to describe in general terms the historical change of the area.

General description

The course topics will emphasize comparative perspective of Finnish history in its Northern, Scandinavian, Baltic and European context from the early modern period to contemporary EU-Finland. Special emphasis will be given to versatile course materials (lectures, reading materials, videos, news articles, museum tips, websites etc.), taking into account students’ competence in English and former knowledge of the subjects at hand. Discussions during the lectures will check students’ understanding of the topics and challenge their critical thinking on history, whereas the learning diary (c. 8–10 pages) will encourage studying further their chosen topic/period within the course outline. Topics for learning diaries will be agreed with the teacher, and each student will get personal supervision and feedback on his/her paper.

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Ilari Taskinen, Teacher responsible


10-Jan-2019 – 28-Feb-2019
Lectures 16 hours
Thu 10-Jan-2019 - 28-Feb-2019 weekly at 14-16, Linna K113

Evaluation criteria

Lectures, learning diary

Further information


10.1. Introduction to course and overview to Finnish history

17.1. Finland and the Swedish realm during the early modern period, c. 1520–1809

24.1. Grand Duchy of Finland, 1809–1917

31.1. Making of Finnish nation

7.2.  Century of independence: Finnish state, 1917–2019

14.2. From independent peasantry to welfare state: Transformation of Finnish society

21.2. Life and culture in modern Finland

28.2. Final discussion and review