HTIS52 Research Methods in HTI 5 ECTS
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Language of instruction
Type or level of studies
Advanced studies
Course unit descriptions in the curriculum
MDP in Human-Technology Interaction
Faculty of Communication Sciences

Learning outcomes

After the course the student:
- Knows the research methods that are typically applied in Human-Computer Interaction research
- Can choose an appropriate set of research methods based on the kind of information that can answer a given research question.
- Knows the connections between a research question, a research method, and the data analysis techniques.

General description

This course is implemented as a book exam in the electronic exam service Tenttis until 31/5/2019 and in EXAM starting from 1/6/2019.


Deepa Varasa (Fall term 2018), Teacher responsible
Poika Isokoski, Teacher responsible


1-Aug-2018 – 31-Jul-2019

Study materials

The book to study is: J. Lazar, J. H. Feng, and Harry Hochheiser. Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction.

There are eight copies of the book in the university library for home loan and one more in the reading hall.

Further information

This exam must be taken before participating the Experimental Research in Interactive Technology course. Therefore, it is a good idea to take the exam early on.

The questions in the exam will look a lot like the chapter titles or subtitles within chapters in the book (they may even be exactly the same). The idea is that in the answer you should write a brief essay that describes the main issues in the topic indicated. Remember to include examples in your answers to show how you would apply the concepts in a particular situation. The idea of the exam is to test how completely you have learned the material in the book. Other material that is not mentioned in the book may earn points, but not with the same efficiency as the material in the book. If you are not familiar with book exams, you may find the instructions for preparing for book exams helpful (Finnish, English).

The exam is set up with a number of questions in the electronic exam service. The system will randomly display five questions to each student taking the exam. Only four of the questions may be answered. If there are five answers, I will disregard the BEST answer in grading. The idea is to give some choice in which questions to answer (i.e. you do not have to know the whole book perfectly to get a good grade). However, you must choose which questions you want to answer. Fishing expeditions with five answers will be punished as explained above.

For questions, contact course supervisor.