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Archived teaching schedules 2018–2019
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POMLFCS1 Democratic Decision-Making (BOOK EXAM) 5 ECTS
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Master's Programme in Politics
Political Science
Faculty of Management

Learning outcomes

After having completed the study unit, the student understands the concept of an institution, as well as the central structural and functional principles of political systems, and knows which actors influence the democratic decision-making process. The student is aware of the principles of different forms of governance and theories of democracy. The student understands the societal position of political institutions, and is able to evaluate the interactions between political forces and institutions. The student is also able to analyse democratic decision-making as a process, starting from an issue becoming political, and ending in the implementation of the decision.


Study materials

Hague – Harrop, Comparative Government and Politics. Palgrave 2010. 8th edition (3 ECTS).

Dalton – Farrell – McAllister, Political Parties and Democratic Linkage. How Parties Organize Democracy. Oxford University Press 2011 (2 ECTS), or Keman (ed.), Comparative Democratic Politics. Sage 2002 (2 ECTS).

(Same study materials as for POLVOA31 Political Institutions and Processes 5 ECTS) https://www10.uta.fi/opas/opintojakso.htm?rid=14228&idx=0&uiLang=en&lang=en&lvv=2017

Examiner and more information: http://www.uta.fi/jkk/en/pol/studypractices/examinations.html

Further information

BOOK EXAM (optional study mode for POMLFCS1 Democratic Decision-Making)

Electronic exam is open in I-IV periods. Please, register for the electronic exam using the code POLVOA31 Political Institutions and Processes: https://tenttis.uta.fi