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POMLFCS2 European Integration and Disintegration (BOOK EXAM) 5–10 ECTS
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Advanced studies
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Master's Programme in Politics
International Relations
Faculty of Management

Learning outcomes

After completing the study unit, the student is able to analyse European integration as a process and is acquainted with the most important theories of European integration as well as of disintegration. The student is able to apply these in examining the consequences of integration and disintegration on the EU as an organisation, as a political system and as an actor in international relations.


Study materials

Two of the following:

Laursen (ed.), Comparative Regional Integration: Europe and Beyond. Ashgate 2010. (e-material) (3 ECTS)

Niemann, Explaining Decisions in the European Union. Cambridge University Press 2006. (e-material) (3 ECTS)

Toje, The European Union as a Small Power. Palgrave 2010. (3 ECTS)

and two of the following:

Bicchi, European Foreign Policy Making Toward the Mediterranean. Palgrave 2007. (2 ECTS)

Buch-HansenWigger, The Politics of European Competition Regulation: A Critical Political Economy Perspective. Routledge 2011. (e-material) (2 ECTS)

Forsberg - Haukkala, The European Union and Russia. Macmillan education, Palgrave 2016, or Haukkala, The EU-Russia Strategic Partnership. Routledge 2010. (e-material) (2 ECTS)

Hardacre, The Rise and Fall of Interregionalism in EU External Relations. Republic of Letters Publishing 2010. (2 ECTS)

Davis Cross, Security Integration in Europe. How Knowledge-based Networks Are Transforming the European Union. University of Michigan Press 2013. (2 ECTS)

Same study material as for POLKVS32 Advanced European Integration Studies 10                                                    ECTS (https://www10.uta.fi/opas/opintojakso.htm?rid=14217&idx=1&uiLang=en&lang=en&lvv=2017)

Examiner and more information: http://www.uta.fi/jkk/en/pol/studypractices/examinations.html

Further information

BOOK EXAM (Optional study mode for POMLFCS2 European Integration and Disintegration)

Electronic exam is open in I-IV periods: 4.9.2017-27.05.2018. Please, register for the electronic exam using the code POLKVS32 Advanced European Integration Studies: https://tenttis.uta.fi