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Archived teaching schedules 2017–2018
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YKT04.2 Wellbeing: Children in focus 5 ECTS
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General description

The course provides an overview of the central concepts and multiple domains of wellbeing. Special attention is paid to important issues in wellbeing among children and young people within different stages and contexts in their lives. Each lecture will look at wellbeing from a different point of view and discuss that particular perspective's connections to wider socio-economic, political and cultural frameworks.

The open seminar Children’s wellbeing in Finland (11th October 2017, 13–16 p.m.) organized by PERLA is one part of the course. The seminar covers topics such as children’s wellbeing in an increasingly diverse and multicultural Finland, as well as the position of refugee children and the rights of young immigrants.

The course is organised in co-operation with Tampere Centre for Childhood, Youth and Family Research, PERLA.

Wednesday 15-17. Virta building, lecture hall 109                                                                              ,


Wednesday 4th October, 15-17, Väinö Linna- hall, Linna-building

Wednesday 11th October, 13-16 (Pinni, lecture hall B1097)


20.9. Katja Repo: Children and Finnish Welfare State

27.9. Arja Rimpelä: Trends and distributions in adolescent health

4.10. Eerika Finell: Schools’ indoor environment and students’ psychosocial wellbeing and learning

11.10. Open seminar on Children’s wellbeing in Finland (a separate program)

  • 13.00–13.10 Katja Repo: Welcome
  • 13.10–14.00 Ombudsman for Children in Finland, Tuomas Kurttila: Children’s wellbeing in Finland
  • 14.00–14.45 Kirsi Peltonen: The mental health challenges of refugee children
  • 14.45–15.05 Coffee
  • 15.05–15.50 Marja Peltola: Intergenerational relations and wellbeing of young people with ethnic minority backgrounds
  • 15.50–16.00 Discussion

25.10 Tiina Soini: Pedagogical wellbeing – Interrelations of learning and wellbeing in school'

1.11. Liina Sointu: The promise or peril of the best possible care? The role of private health insurance for the welfare state change

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Katja Repo, Teacher responsible
Arja Rimpelä, Teacher
Tiina Soini-Ikonen, Teacher


20-Sep-2017 – 1-Nov-2017
Wed 20-Sep-2017 - 1-Nov-2017 weekly at 15-17, Virta building, lecture hall 109 , Ke 11.10. klo 13-16, Pinni lecture hall B1097
4-Oct-2017 at 15 –17 , Väinö Linna hall in the Linna building

Evaluation criteria

To pass the course students are expected to write a twelve-page lecture