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Archived teaching schedules 2017–2018
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SOSM6.1 Global Social Policy in the 21st Century 5 ECTS
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Learning outcomes

Social policy is increasingly a global issue. The concept of global social policy widens the scope of social policy research and policy-making to transnational policy actors and institutions, low- and middle income countries, and interconnected flows of people and ideas. The course provides an introduction to the main concepts, theories and policy mechanisms related to the phenomenon of global social policy. In addition to theoretical discussions, the course presents empirical examples illustrating different dimensions of global social policies beyond the western world.

Upon completion of the course students will have a basic understanding of different theoretical approaches to and mechanisms of global social policy.

General description

The course consists of ten lectures, moodle assignments connected to the course readings, and a final exam.

Enrolment for University Studies

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Hanna-Kaisa Hoppania, Teacher responsible
Anneli Anttonen, Teacher
Lauri Heimo, Teacher


9-Oct-2017 – 11-Dec-2017
Mon 9-Oct-2017 - 11-Dec-2017 weekly at 14-16, Linna 5026-5027


Numeric 1-5.

Further information

The lectures are held on Mondays at 14-16. They run from 9 October to 11 December.