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Archived teaching schedules 2016–2017
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ENGA14 Transcreation 5 ECTS
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Intermediate studies
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DP in English Language, Literature and Translation
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies

General description

For the purposes of this course, creative translation or “transcreation” refers to the process of taking original Finnish-language text(s) and re-writing and re-casting them in English for an international audience.Though the term transcreation is often associated with marketing and advertising copy, this course will examine a range of uses for transcreation including news stories and magazine articles, literature, and promotional and marketing material.

In addition to in-class exercises, there will be an emphasis on learning together – students are encouraged to participate by bringing their own examples and experiences to the classroom. Topics such as cultural sensitivity, fact-checking and writing in different styles for different audiences will also be examined.

The instructor, Katja Pantzar, works as a writer, editor and broadcast journalist. Based in Helsinki, Finland, she grew up in Canada, with stints in New Zealand and the UK. She holds a BA in Communications from Simon Fraser University (Canada) and an MA in International Journalism from the City University of London (England). Her newest book is Helsinki by Light (Siltala Publishing) and she is a regular contributor to a range of media including Blue Wings, the Finnair inflight magazine and Yle News.

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Katja Pantzar, Teacher responsible
Mary Nurminen, Teacher responsible


7-Oct-2016 – 28-Oct-2016
Fri 7-Oct-2016 - 28-Oct-2016 weekly at 10-14, Tieto-Pinni ML8