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Archived teaching schedules 2016–2017
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ENGA1 Seminar, Bachelor's Thesis and Maturity Test - Seminar 4 ECTS
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Intermediate studies
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DP in English Language, Literature and Translation
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies

General description

Lecturer Slomanson's Seminar

This BA seminar is intended for any student intending to work on a topic pertaining to an aspect of second language acquisition, including but not limited to aspects of second language syntax, morphology, phonology/phonetics, pragmatics and information structure, second language-based contact languages, transfer phenomena. This may include topics pertaining to developmental and potentially universal grammar-based structures that constitute “errors” with respect to native speaker target grammars. Depending on the student’s prior background in grammatical description and theory, and how much s/he has previously read in the area of second language acquisition, additional readings (in addition to generally assigned readings) may be (strongly) recommended, on an individual basis, in order to enable each participating students to produce a BA thesis at the appropriate level.

Lecturer Kakko's Seminar

The group is designed for students interested in research topics in literature and culture. The proper tools and method of study will be specified in the seminar.

Enrolment for University Studies

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Peter Slomanson, Teacher responsible
Tommi Kakko, Teacher responsible


29-Aug-2016 – 16-Dec-2016
Group 1 (Slomanson)
Mon 29-Aug-2016 - 12-Dec-2016 weekly at 14-16, Pinni B 3112
Group 2 (Kakko)
Mon 29-Aug-2016 - 12-Dec-2016 weekly at 16-18, Pinni B 4086


Numeric 1-5.