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Archived teaching schedules 2015–2016
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KASMULTI4 Optional Course: Finnish early childhood education and comprehensive school system – institutional, developmental and comparative perspectives 5 ECTS
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Advanced studies
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Degree Programme in Educational Studies
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Learning outcomes

Students will gain an understanding of the Finnish early childhood education system and comprehensive school as constantly evolving and developing institutions. The understanding is deepened by reflecting it against various cross-cultural contexts.

General description

The course focuses on institutional and developmental perspectives of Finnish early education and school system as part of the overall educational system and society. During the course, various researchers present their topical studies and results around the theme, and lead the students to discussions. Students will reflect their learning based on presentations, discussions and selected articles in a learning diary. The course can be conducted as an individual course, or jointly with KASMULTI2B / KASMULTI2C courses dealing with the practical observation to gain a maximum learning potential.

Modes of study: Lectures, group discussions, reflective learning diary

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment in NettiOpsu for the course begins 16.9.2015.
Enrolment ends 14.10.2015.

Enrolment time has expired


Janniina Vlasov, Teacher responsible


19-Oct-2015 – 23-Nov-2015
Mon 19-Oct-2015 at 14-15, Virta 243
Wed 21-Oct-2015 at 13-15, Virta 243
Mon 26-Oct-2015 at 13-16, Virta 243
Wed 28-Oct-2015 at 13-16, Linna K113
Tue 3-Nov-2015 at 13-16, Virta 219
Tue 10-Nov-2015 at 13-16, Virta 243
Tue 17-Nov-2015 at 13-16, Virta 243
Mon 23-Nov-2015 at 14-15, Virta 109

Further information

Max 16 students