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Archived teaching schedules 2015–2016
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ENGS11 English Grammar in Recent Centuries 5 ECTS
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DP in English Language, Literature and Translation
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies

General description

The course focuses on the analysis of selected structures of sentential complementation in recent English (other than those featured in my Constructions course). These include both object control and some subject control constructions, with some discussion of diachronic changes in recent centuries. Object deletion phenomena are also discussed. Further, attention is devoted to the analysis of innovative or creative uses of selected constructions in current English and to their interpretation. Data are primarily drawn from synchronic and diachronic computer corpora of English.

                      Course work includes regular attendance, class participation, some homework assignments, a brief paper to be presented in class on complementation, and a final exam. The final exam requires some additional reading, consisting of articles and book chapters on complementation. (These are made available to participants.)

                      Time: Fridays from 12:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.

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Juhani Rudanko, Teacher responsible


11-Sep-2015 – 27-Nov-2015
Fri 11-Sep-2015 - 16-Oct-2015 weekly at 12-14, PinniA 3098
Fri 30-Oct-2015 - 27-Nov-2015 weekly at 12-14, PinniA 3098