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Archived teaching schedules 2015–2016
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DPIPEM04 Regression models 5 ECTS
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International Doctoral Programme in Epidemiology
Common Core Studies/LTL
School of Health Sciences

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the students can based on the research question select a suitable analysis method for the data. Students understand the details of the various types of multipredictor regression models, as well as their limitations. Students are able to properly use and understand the multipredictor models. Students can conduct the analysis using statistical software R and interpret the results of the analysis.

Enrolment for University Studies

Enrolment time has expired


Jaakko Nevalainen, Teacher responsible


19-Oct-2015 – 15-Dec-2015
Mon 19-Oct-2015 - 16-Nov-2015 every other week at 8.30-10.30, Ylähylly, T-building
Fri 23-Oct-2015 - 27-Nov-2015 weekly at 12-14, Ylähylly, T-building
13-Nov-2015 , Note! No lecture on 13th of November
Practicals, Group II
Practicals, Group I (IPPE)
Mon 19-Oct-2015 - 16-Nov-2015 every other week at 10.30-12.30, Micro class 72, T-building
Fri 23-Oct-2015 - 27-Nov-2015 weekly at 14-16, Micro class 72, T-building, Note! No practicals on 13th of November
Practicals, group II
Wed 21-Oct-2015 - 2-Dec-2015 weekly at 9-11, Computer class 72, T -building
4-Nov-2015 at 8 –12 , Computer class 72, T -building
Tue 15-Dec-2015 at 9-16, Micro class 71, Arvo building

Further information

Prior studies: The course BIOMJ016 and knowledge of basics in R-computing.