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Archived teaching schedules 2015–2016
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HEAAE04 Global Child Health 5 ECTS
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Master's Degree Programme in Health Sciences
International Health
School of Health Sciences

Learning outcomes

After the successful completion of the course student is competent to
- Describe the global distribution of child health and its trends.
- Analyse main differences between the global South and the North, and between countries and within countries in child health and relate them to wider global issues.
- Analyse the main direct causes and underlying factors including global phenomena in global child health.
- Analyse critically how child health could be improved with the current interventions and discuss if and what wider global actions would be needed.
- Analyse critically global actors and their strategies (including political issues and financial interests) to combat childhood mortality and ill-health.

General description


  • Global child health distribution
  • Underlying factors of child mortality and illnesses, including social determinants
  • Children’s environmental health
  • Role of the main infectious diseases and their global interventions among children
  • Global mental health of children
  • Child health in difficult circumstances in the world
  • Global governance on child health and wellbeing


Venue:  Arvo Building, room B 342 (3rd floor)

 March 1st

- Introduction to the course. Anneli Milen, Professor, Global Health &Development, UTA. At 9.15- 9.30

- Global governance on child health and wellbeing (Pentti Kotoaro, Secretary General, emeritus, UNICEF- Finland. At 9.30- 12.

  1. The Rights of Children,  and other global agreements
  2. Global actors and their roles in child health
  3. Global initiatives to improve child health

March 2nd

- Global distribution and trends of child health and mortality (Taneli Puumalainen, Chief Physician, National Institute for Health and Welfare. 2.3. at 13.15-16.

  1. Overall global picture and changes. Differences between the Global South and North and between groups of countries
  2. Relative importance of the main direct causes of child mortality and illness.
  3. Main global intervention strategies.  

March 8th

- Children, women and health in the Millennium Development Goals and in the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals. Per Ashorn, Professor, Pediatrics, UTA. 8.3. at 9.15-10. 

 - Underlying (root) factors of child mortality and ill-health, including social determinants (Ulla Ashorn, Senior Researcher; Mikko Perkiö, University Instructor, Global Health & Development and Anneli Milen, UTA). On 8.3. At 10.15 -12. 

March 15th

- Perinatal and Neonatal risks (Vesa Eskola, Specialist Chief Doctor, Tampere University Hospital). 15.3. on 9.15- 10.15.

- Global mental health of children - are problems increasing? Kaija Puura, Docent, Chief Doctor on Child Psychiatry, Tampere University Hospital, UTA). At 10.30-12.   

March 22nd

- Main environmental risk clusters and other risks. Global initiatives. Part 1. (Anneli Milen). At 9.15- 10.    

- Latest global trends on role of food and nutrition security: hunger, undernutrition, malnutrition, breastfeeding (Heli Kuusipalo, Senior Scientist, THL). At 10.15- 12) 

March 30th  

- Global trends in childhood infectious diseases and their main interventions (Timo Vesikari, professor, virology and paediatrics, UTA). At 9.15-11.

- Main environmental risk clusters and other risks. Global initiatives. Part 2. (Anneli Milen). At 11.15- 12. 

Enrolment for University Studies

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Anneli Milén, Teacher responsible
Mikko Perkiö, Teacher


1-Mar-2016 – 7-Apr-2016
Lectures 18 hours
Tue 1-Mar-2016 at 9-12, Arvo rhB342
Wed 2-Mar-2016 at 13-16, Arvo rhB342, Note! New time!
Tue 8-Mar-2016 at 9-12, Arvo rhB342
Tue 15-Mar-2016 at 9-12, Arvo rhB342
Tue 22-Mar-2016 at 9-12, Arvo rhB342
Wed 30-Mar-2016 at 9-12, Arvo rhB342, Note! Exceptional time due to Easter holidays.
Wed 20-Apr-2016 at 13-16, Arvo Computer classroom ML71, Note! New exam place!
Tutorials 16 hours
Group work
Fri 4-Mar-2016 at 12-14, Arvo rhB342
Wed 9-Mar-2016 at 12-14, Arvo rhB342
Fri 11-Mar-2016 at 12-14, Arvo rhA308, Note! Exceptional place!
Wed 16-Mar-2016 at 12-14, Arvo rhB342
Thu 31-Mar-2016 at 13-15, Arvo rhB342, Note! Exceptional day!
Thu 7-Apr-2016 at 13-15, Arvo rhB342, CANCELLED!
Independent work 81 hours + 20 hours Web-based


Numeric 1-5.

Evaluation criteria

Requirements for completion of the course

•   Active participation in lectures and tutorial sessions

•   Passing a written exam


Fail/Pass on a scale 1-5. The grade is given by the teacher responsible for the course based on the written exam. Active participation may increase the mark by one grade. 

Study materials

Course Material

Material of the lectures and the tutorials.

Possible additional reading will be informed later.

Further information

Attendance is open to all students at the University of Tampere, but attendance priority is given to students enrolled in the MHS program at the University of Tampere