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POLVOA31 United States Congress and Legislative-executive Relationship in American Foreign Policy Decision-making 5 ECTS
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General description

After completing the course, students will understand the unique characteristics of American legislative politics and the role of Congress in it, as well as understand how Congress can affect American foreign policy. Student will have a sound understanding of the evolution of modern Congress, electoral politics, congressional rules and procedures and Congress' role in forming American foreign policy, including the use of American military power. Transatlantic implications of congressional foreign policy power will also be introduced. Instead of a final exam, students will introduce a bill currently under congressional consideration and present it at the end seminar.


  • Dual nature of Congress
  • Evolution of modern Congress and the constitution
  • Electoral politics, campaigning and gerrymandering
  • How Congress works: decision making and formal/informal rules and procedures
  • Congress, the President and American foreign policy
  • War powers and cases Syria and Libya
  • Congress as a part of foreign policy decision making: transatlantic implications

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Suoritusvaihtoehto 1: sähköinen kirjallinen tentti
Haku 13.8.2015 alkaen ympäri lukuvuoden

Suoritusvaihto 2: osallistuminen opetukseen
Haku 13.8.2015 alkaen

Pakolliset edeltävät opinnot: POLPOP02 Valtio-opin johdantokurssi


Teemu Mäkinen, Teacher responsible


8-Sep-2015 – 15-Oct-2015
Lectures 24 hours
Tue 8-Sep-2015 - 13-Oct-2015 weekly at 12-14, Main building C8
Thu 10-Sep-2015 - 15-Oct-2015 weekly at 14-16, Main building C8


Numeric 1-5.