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Archived teaching schedules 2015–2016
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BIO4707 SGN-53206 Cell Culturing, Microscopy and Cell Image Analysis 3 ECTS
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Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics

Learning outcomes

After the course, the student can: 
- Identify and define experimental techniques related to bacterial culturing and cell imaging. Demonstrate the ability to apply these methods to extract information from biological systems. 
- Interpret data generated from the microscope, classify strengths and weaknesses of the bright field and fluorescence measurements, summarize results of the measurements and explain the connection between measurements and underlying biological processes. 
- Implement experimental techniques and apply them to extract data from biological systems. Calculate statistical properties of the features measured at the single cell level. Apply knowledge of existing software to extract the relevant information. 
- Analyze results of the measurements. Compare the various methodologies used for measuring a variable such as cell fluorescence levels.
- Compare and appraise different algorithms for extracting quantifiable features from the images, and interpret the results from the measurements. 
- Create and develop new features that would improve the algorithms for specific goals.

General description

For more information, please see the TUT course description:

SGN-53206: http://www.tut.fi/wwwoppaat/opas2015-2016/perus/laitokset/Signaalinkasittely/SGN-53206.html



Numeric 1-5.